Marion Street Strategies can provide the following services to build lasting Data and Analytics programs whether you’re just starting out, growing like crazy or already chugging along. 


Just starting out:


Develop a clear roadmap to integrate Data and Analytics with every part of your organization whether you’re building from the ground up or looking to improve an existing program.


Build strong, sustainable systems, teams and tools to ensure that data is collected in a smart manner to catalyze your growing Data and Analytics program.

Growing like crazy:


Establish SMART goals connected to your top priorities such as votes to win and revenue targets, then break these goals down to achievable increments in order to make these goals motivational, actionable tools driving your organization forward.


Empower decision makers with the insights they need at the right time. Monitor goals and programs to ensure all trains stay on their tracks, successes are celebrated and red flags identified early.

Already chugging along:


Share your story of success with your team and the world.  Visualize your core metrics, goals and key analysis to build momentum and buy-in when communicating with your core stakeholders.


Optimize your program with a deep dive into the available data aiming to learn from your successes and missteps, alike, then put these insights into action by developing tangible best practices and actionable recommendations.


Every organization encounters unique opportunities and faces different challenges -- that’s why we customize solutions for each project. All services include extensive documentation, training and fun. We strongly believe that Data and Analytics can be messy and unexpected at times and want to encourage teams to have fun along the way while gaining improved insights and strengthening your team. Don't see what you're looking for? We also have other capacities up our sleeve, and are always eager to solve new and different problems.


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Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash